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Cie Quilla - Sarah Keusch and Rebekka Scharf - 2 unique personalities, different characters and freelance dancers who specialize in dancing to gothic sound in a dark and romantic ambience. Presentation of short pieces and full-length creations on various occasions in the Gothic scene as well as realization of music videos and art films. 


Your event will be given that certain something and the audience will be touched emotionally with a lot of heart and passion. 



With their short piece "My velvet little disaster I + II" Cie Quilla made their debut in 2011 at the "Swiss Gothic Night" in Thun Castle (organizer Die Stille) and in the complex club Zurich as part of "Dark Carbart" by NOXIRIS


With their piece "Passage", the two artists were inspired by HR Giger's painting "The Way of Magician" and showed their debut in the HR Giger Museum on the occasion of their 20th anniversary. 


Successful, both with audiences and organizers - and have since been regularly booked for various performances.



Cie Quilla
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