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Cie Quilla at Komplex Club Zürich

My velvet little Disaster II

Dark Cabaret by Noxiris

Quilla feat. QuoDT - My Velvet Little Disaster Part II Dramatic, sensual, dark - a dark performance at the clock's midnight hour. Frivolous, exuberant moments distort into ambivalent moods and play with our senses. The performance "My Velvet Little Disaster II" is a mixture of dance and visual art.

The two dancers Rebekka Scharf and Sarah Keusch invite the audience with their piece to dive into a surreal world - a world in which delight and confusion are close to each other.

The Quilla Dance Theater performed among others with the band Blutengel at the Amphi Festival in Cologne in 2010. Since 2011 Quilla feat. QuoDT have been working together as partners. Their piece "My Velvet little Disaster Part I" was shown for the very first time at the Swiss-Gothic-Night in Thun in 2011.

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