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New Video "Favorite Addiction"

Since we had to cancel our annual AHA-Xmas performance this year, we decided to do a video performance instead. I am happy to show you through this video what we have been working on the past weeks. The theme is both a current one and a recurring one: Addiction, emotional dependence, dependencies, etc. But in this piece I also wanted to illuminate a kind of "positive" addiction - a Too Much, Too Fast, Too Fussy, Too Lovely, Too Scared, Too Desperate, Too Gloomy, etc. A "too" of everything - how much "too" is still healthy and at what point does it turn negative? Here is just a glimpse - a so-called "work in progress" - and I'm looking forward to when we have the opportunity again to deepen this piece and on this exciting topic.

Choreography: Rebekka Scharf

Dancers: Students of AHA-Studio Winterthur - Saturday Class

Music: Wild Horses of Bishop Briggs and Senking

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